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Convinced that a hair accessory is as much a style statement as a beautiful bag or piece of jewelry, Marie Aragon took the gamble of launching a brand in this niche sector.

Since 2018, the range has continued to expand: scrunchies, headbands, barrettes, bows, clips... always respecting the same requirements: to create comfortable, long-lasting, locally-made accessories.

Today, Scrunchie is back has become the pioneering brand in hair accessories, and is looking to establish itself on the French and international markets.


Quality: Investing in Scrunchie is back means choosing top-quality accessories, appreciated for their durability and comfort. 

Local: Investing in Scrunchie is back means opting for a short circuit with exclusively French (80%) and Italian (20%) production.

Sustainable: Investing in Scrunchie is back means buying materials that are noble, sustainable and partly upcycled (20%).

Human: Investing in Scrunchie is back means helping to maintain artisanal know-how and contribute to the development of jobs in France.


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